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How To Organise Wi-Fi For An Outdoor Event

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Whether your event is a festival or a wedding, the strength of your internet connection must be a consideration. Not only will your guests be grateful to have access to outdoor wi-fi, essentials like DJs, media services and payment systems are likely to need the internet to function.

There’s a few things you should consider when organising your outdoor event wi-fi. When you employ the experts at PC Help Wincanton, you’ll be guided through each step of this process. To help those who are still in the planning stages, we’ve put together a quick guide. This will help you determine what information you’ll need to make your enquiries.

Look At Your Outdoor Event’s Map               

Some events will be large, and others might be smaller. The larger your event is, the more planning you’ll need to do. For example, if you are arranging a festival with camping, food services, music and other entertainment, it’s worth paying extra attention to the map.

Circle the areas that are most in need of a connection. These will be places where card readers and transactions will need to be made using the internet, and any entertainment services that need to use the internet. It will also help to know where any power points are, whether that be from buildings or generators.

Outdoor Event Wifi

Decide Which Connection Is Best

Your internet service provider will let you know which connection is best. However, you may already have a preference. Most outdoor event wi-fi is powered by 4G, 5G, satellite or fibre. Smaller events should manage with a 4G or 5G connection, but large festivals or outdoor events that cover a large area are more likely to require fibre.

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Consider How Much Support You Need

After the installation of your outdoor event wi-fi, you might need ongoing support. If it’s an event that will last for a few days, make sure you discuss your needs with your internet provider. They should be able to reassure you that they have enough available engineers for your needs.

For Outdoor Event Wi-Fi, Choose PC Help

Our team of engineers can make outdoor event wi-fi arrangements to suit all needs. Whether you’ve managed to sit down and plan your connection requirements or if you’re still in the early stages, we can help. Give our team a call today for a friendly chat. Our experts will make sure that you get a wi-fi package that will keep everyone at your event happy and connected.

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