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When Does A Laptop Need Replacing?

broken macbook

Laptops are used by many people for many different reasons. They’re incredibly useful for their portability and ability to perform almost exactly as a desktop computer does. However, like most technology, laptops will have a limited lifespan and will need replacing every so often.

Most laptops will give you between three and five years of use. Beyond those years, the quality may deteriorate. This results in slower speeds, poor battery performance and overheating. Eventually, as a laptop reaches the end of its life, it will become difficult to use.

5 Signs You Need A Laptop Replacement

Can Any Common Issues Be Fixed?

If your laptop is causing problems and it’s less than 5 years old, the issues might be fixable.

Laptop batteries can be replaced if they’re not working as well as they used to. Charging issues could also be a result of a faulty cable, which is an easy and inexpensive part to replace.

Slow speeds can sometimes be resolved, but it depends on what’s causing the issue. If a corrupted hard drive or lack of RAM is what’s slowing you down, you’re probably better off seeking a replacement. However, deleting files, downloading necessary updates, removing viruses and a few other technical tune ups could boost your laptop’s speed enough to get a few more months of use out of it.

updating laptop

Keep in mind that any issues that you do get fixed could come back again. If your system is nearly 5 years old, or even older, it may be more efficient to seek out a replacement instead of repairs.

When Should You Replace A Laptop?

Laptops should be replaced every three to five years. The older your system gets, the more likely it is to have issues. Some issues could put your data at risk. For example, if your laptop overheats this could damage the hard drive, leading to an irretrievable loss of files.

When Should You Worry About Laptop Damage?

Laptop damage is common. Sometimes, you may drop your laptop but be lucky enough for it to survive. However, when the screen is smashed or the impact causes the hardware to fail, you’ll probably need a laptop replacement.

Coffee Spilled On Laptop

Another very common cause of laptop damage is water. It’s all too common for people to spill drinks on their system while working. This can cause catastrophic damage in some cases. If you’ve spilled liquid on your laptop, no matter whether the damage is obvious or not, bring it in for a professional to assess. It’s impossible to tell if any water remains inside without consulting with an expert.

For Laptop Replacements & Repairs, Call PC Help

At some point in every laptop owner’s life, they’ll need to seek repairs or a replacement. No matter whether you’re a personal user or a business who gives their employee’s laptops to work with, we can help. Bring your system to us for a full inspection and industry-leading advice.

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