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Is There A Difference Between Business Wi-Fi & Home Wi-Fi?

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Nowadays, nearly everyone expects to have access to the internet. Whether that be at home, in a workshop or in an office, a wi-fi connection is considered to be an essential. But is there anything different about a personal connection compared to a commercial one? Let’s take a look.

What Most Personal Wi-Fi Users Need

For a home connection, most users will need standard upload speeds and decent download speeds. They’ll expect their connection to be working most of the time, but if there’s a little downtime here and there it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Personal wi-fi connections usually use a dynamic IP address that changes each time the computer uses the internet. These are cheaper and result in better security from hackers, as the address changes each time.

Ip Address

What Most Commercial Wi-Fi Connections Need

Compared to personal wi-fi users, commercial connections have higher demands. They’ll need to rely on much faster upload speeds to transfer work and data to other users and clients. They will also expect as much internet uptime as possible, with guarantees in place should they lose connection for too long.

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Commercial wi-fi connections will benefit from a static IP address. This means that they will have the same IP at all times on each device. Static IP addresses make it easier to work remotely and communicate via VoIP. While they are more hackable than dynamic IP addresses, a good antivirus software should minimise this risk.

Additional Business Wi-Fi Requirements

Businesses usually need additional services. IT support may not be available in-house for all companies, so they may need to rely on their service provider more. Most business wi-fi packages come with support, cybersecurity help and phone lines with call plans.

The support that’s available to businesses needs to be more comprehensive than what is provided to personal users. That could translate to support that’s reachable every day of the year, 24/7. Normally there is a special phone number for businesses to access these services, which won’t be available to standard customers.

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Speed & Priority

Most business wi-fi connections are made to be priority traffic. This means that business internet users should be able to access websites quickly, even if a personal user is streaming videos nearby and slowing down other personal connections. Businesses usually need this priority, as slow connection times could impact the amount of work they’re able to do. It makes sense for them to be prioritised before personal users.

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Businesses could also be given more powerful routers that can manage more connections and provide better coverage. They may also need additional access points if they have a large building.

Phone Services

Personal wi-fi users are becoming less reliant on landline phone connections. However, this is not the same for businesses. Many businesses will require a landline. They are likely to need additional features too, like extensions, VoIP and support for hosted phone systems.

For Personal Or Commercial Wi-Fi Connections, Choose PC Help

The team at PC Help are able to assist with all manner of wi-fi connections. Whether you’ve just moved to the area and need to set up your home internet connection or have a business and are looking for better support, we’re here to help. As a local, friendly team, we would be more than happy to manage your wi-fi services.

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